“Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gururdevo Maheswaraha,Gurur eva Parabrahma Tasmaisri Guravenamaha”

Our Shastras say Guru’s place is next to God.Guru is the one, who dispels the darkness of ignorance from the mind, unveiling the divinity in each one of us taking us to God.

“Money comes and goes while a value comes and grows."

"Give your children values instead of valuables.”


To be an ideal institution with continual academic excellence and professional way of learning in order to become a one-stop solution for all kinds of problems of the community, needs of the industry and Nation in terms of quality manpower and technical knowledge.


To provide a safe nurturing and unlimited learning environment where diversity is treasured and passion for lifelong learning is developed. To strive for overall development of the students with high morale level, required professional and personal skills to make them leaders and get recognition wherever they are for the Nation's pride.

Important Notice

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